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In San Francisco
san francisco 2002

Dave & Jeff at Hillside
hillside 2001

to our web site. We're Jeff and Dave, 2 bears in love. That's Jeff on the left & Dave on the right in the picture in the corner. Oh, and yes, we're both geeks, and damn proud of it.

We met in May of 2001, at the local movie theater (Loew's, Eatontown NJ). We were both there to see A Knight's Tale (great movie!). I was there with my ex and his boyfriend. Jeff spotted me in line at the refreshment stand, and, according to him, had to see the woofy guy with the great butt! Blush! I turned around to see who got in line, and just about had heart palpitations. WOOF! After spending a few minutes waiting in line for some VERY slow customers, I turned to him and mentioned that I guess we had gotten in the wrong line. He looked me up and down and said no, I don't think so. I grinned like an idiot.

Well, we chatted, found out we were seeing the same movie, etc. Jeff said maybe I'll see you afterwards. Me, still that idiotic grin! We exchanged glances in the theater, and after the movie I looked around and didn't see him. Well, I thought, that's that, the really sexy ones never go for me. (Ok, I have a SLIGHT inferiority complex) I turn around, and there he is in front of me. Damn! We chat about the movie, weather, whatever, and, oh, would you like to go get some Chinese with us? Sure, he says. Damn again! Had a great dinner (not the food, the company!), and being Sunday, hesitantly ask him if he wants to come over and watch the Sopranos ... ok!

By the way, I'm still living with my ex at this point. So we go watch tv, and we chat, and I ignore my ex (god it feels good to do that!), and after the tv show, we kiss and hug. Can I see you again? Definitely, he says.

We've been together since, except for two weekends that I had previous plans. I moved in with him in November, 2001. What can I say? We're two bears in love!

OK, if you're still here after that story ... check us out. Click on the links to find out more about us. And click on the pictures, too, most of them will open up to full size. Send us an email if you want to say hi. But most of all, enjoy!

Dave and Jeff, October 2002